1. Head & rear light R req'd 2 B clearly visible from @ least...
350 m
200 m
150 m
500 m

2. When should the parking lights be used?
For parking only
All the time
When driving @ nite only
In daylight only

3. The law requires vehicle lights to be turned on...
from sunrise 2 sunset.
all the time while driving.
during the day only.
whenever visibility is poor.

4. The low beams must be used when following anither vehicle...
within 60 m.
within 70 m.
within 100 m.
within 150 m.

5. B4 leaving your car parked facing down a hill U should...
turn your front wheels 2 da left.
only put your parking brakes on.
leave your front wheels parallel 2 da curb.
turn your front wheels toward the curb/right shoulder & put your parking brake on.

6. When pulling out from a parked position U should...
signal, check your mirrors & blind spots 2 make sure da road is clear.
honk your horn & pull out.
signal & pull out.
just pull out quickly.

7. It is dangerous 2 drive @ the max speed limit @ nite cuz...
U can't C as far ahead @ nite & da visibility is poor.
U R tired @ nite.
your reaction time is slower.
your car may break down.

8. Whose responsibility is it 2 make sure that all da seat belts R werkin pwoperly & da passengers under 16 R buckled up?
The car co.
The passengers.
The mechanic.
The driver.

9. Drivers who do not buckle up can be fined up2...
$200 & 2 demerits.
(there is no fine for seat belts).
$500 & 2 demerits.
just $500.

10. The Highway Traffic Act requires children 2 be secured & buckled up in2 a child safety seat when they R...
9-18 kg.
10-20 kg.
20-30 kg.
30-40 kg.

11. Wot is a flashing red beacon signal supplement?
A yeild sign.
A stop sign.
A 'Do not enter' sign.
A caution sign.

12. Wot does a flashing red signal mean?
You must stop & proceed with caution.
It indicates there is a collision ahead.
Proceed with caution.
Slow down.

13. Wot does a flashing amber signal mean?
No left turn.
Proceed with caution.
Stop for traffic.

14. When traffic light break down @ the intersection due 2 a powr outage, U must...
yeild the right-of-way & treat it as an all way stop.
proceed with caution.
proceed fast 2 clear da way.
U have da right-of-way.

15. Who has the right of way over all others @ an intersection when a signal is green?
Pedestrians crossing against da light.
Vehicles turning right.
Pedestrians crossing with da light.
Vehicles turning left.

16. A broken line on the left side of your lane means you may...
pass when traffic to your rear is clear.
pass when traffic ahead is clear.
pass if the road ahead, side & rear is clear.
pass of there is no passing sign.

17. Two solid yellow lines at the left of your lane means...
you should not pass.
you should pass.
pass with caution.
pass with signal on.

18. When continuity lines are on the drivers left side, they indicate...
that the lane is ending.
that the lane is continuing.
you are approaching a bridge.
the road is getting narrow.

19. When entering a highway from a private road or driveway you must...
enter the road quickly.
honk your horn and proceed.
yield to the vehicles and pedestrians.
put your signal on and proceed.

20. How much space is required between you and the vehicle traveling in front of you?
One second only.
U R not req'd to keep any distance.
One car length or one sec.
5 car lengths or at least 2 secs.

21. What should you do upon approaching a yield sign?
Slow down and stop if neccessary & yeild the right-of-way.
Proceed with caution.
Proceed @ the same speed.
Ignore it.

22. Wot lane of the roadway must u b in b4 making a left turn?
In the leftmost lane.
In the right most lane.
It doesn't matter if your signal indicator is on.
U make it from any position.

23. Wot lane of the roadway must u be in b4 making a right turn?
In the leftmost lane.
In the right most lane.
It doesn't matter if your signal indicator is on
U can make it from any position.

24. Wot must the driver do upon approaching a stop sign?
Proceed fast 2 clear da road.
Come 2 a complete stop & when it is safe, proceed with caution.
Stop, turn the headlights on & proceed.
Stop & slowly proceed.

25. On the highwaywhere the speed limit has not been posted, the max speed allowed is...
60 kph
50 kph
80 kph
90 kph

26. In cities, towns, villages & built-up areas where the speed limit has not been posted, the max speed allowed is...
30 kph
40 kph
50 kph
60 kph

27. When entering a freeway, U should...
signal & accelerate your vehicle 2 ensure smooth merging in2 the traffic flow.
signal & change your lane quickly.
enter the highway quickly.
enter fast & sharp.

28. When a streetcar is stopped to pick up or discharge passengers where there is no safety zone, U must...
stop 2 m behind the rearmost door.
stop 4 m behind the rearmost door.
proceed with caution.
move fast 2 clear the way.

29. When U R approaching an intersection & the light changes from green 2 amber, what should U do?
Speed up 2 clear the intersection.
slow down & proceed with caution.
Stop if U can do so safely, otherwise proceed with caution.
Continue without slowing down.

30. A person whose driver's license is under suspension may...
not operate a motor vehicle during the suspension time.
operate a motor vehicle out of town.
operate a motor vehicle @ nite only.
operate a motor vehicle only in emergencies.

31. When 2 vehicles arrive @ an uncontrolled intersection & come 2 a complete stop @ the same time, who has the right of way?
The vehicle on the right.
The vehicle on the left.
The one with the signal on.

32. What is the accepted & max legal level of blood alcahol concentration?
Accepted: 0.06% & max: 0.09%
0.07% & 0.07%
0.05% & 0.08%
0.05% & 0.1%

33. Where a red signal with a flashing green light or green arrow signal is used, it permits drivers facing the signal 2...
ignore them.
stop until the red ligh turns green.
disobey them.
proceed with caution.

34. You R req'd by law 2 report any collision where there r personal injuries or damage 2 property exceeding...

35. If U R convicted or found guilty of driving a vehicle while impaired by alcahol or drugs for the first time, your drivers license will be suspended for @ least...
2 months.
7 months.
1 year.
2 years.

36. Every driver involved in a collision must stay @ the sceneor return 2 it...
immediately & give all possible assistance.
@ their convenience.
within 18 hrs.
(U do not have 2 return).

37. If U R convicted of driving while your license is suspended under the Highway Traffic Act, U can be fined up2...
$100-200 for the first offence.
$75-100 for the second offence.
imprisonment for a term of max 1 month.
$500-5000 for a first offence, $1000-5000 foreach subsequent offence or a6 month jail term.

38. If a train is approaching or the signallights near the track r flashing, U should stop no closer than...
5 m from the nearest rail.
10 m from the nearest rail.
15 m from the nearest rail.
20 m from the nearest rail.

39. Drivers approaching from behind a stopped school bus with it's upper alternating red lights flashing must stop @ least...
5 m behind the bus.
10 m behind the bus.
20 m behind the bus.
35 m behind the bus.

40. A driver convicted of failing 2 stop for the school bus when req'd, can be penalised....
$50-100 & lose 3 pts.
$75 & lose 4 pts.
$90 & lose 2 pts.
$200-1000 for the 1st offence & lose 6 pts, $500-2000 for the 2nd offence & lose 6 pts.

41. Your licensewill be cancelled if U...
fail 2 yeild the right-of-way.
fail 2 stop @ the right-of-way.
do not have insurance.
fail the driver's re-examination test or don't pay your license renewal fee.

42. All large railway crossings R marked by large red & white signs in the form of...
an X.
a circle.
a square.
a triangle.

43. It is illegal 2...
have a driver's license.
honk the horn in public.
drive a car with a broken window.
lend your license or allow it's use by another person, display an altered license, represent as your own any license that is not yours.

44. When meeting oncoming vehicles with bright lights @ nite, the safe thing 2 do is...
look @ the headlights.
close your eyes.
honk your horn 2 warn other drivers.
look up ahead & slightly 2 the right of oncoming lights.

45. Should U obey the cop who is directing the traffic, the traffic signs or the traffic signals?
The signals.
The police officer.
The traffic signs.
none of them.

46. The demerit pt sys is designed 2 identify persistent violators & 2 protect pedestrians and careful motorists from drivers who...
abusethe privilage of operating a motor vehicle.
do not pay their fines.
abuse the parking laws.
do not have insurance.

47. Demerit pts remain on the drivers record fora period of...
1 yr from the date of the offence.
2 yrs from the date of the offence.
3 yrs from the date of the offence.
4 yrs from the date of the offence.

48. As a new driver, if U collect 9 pts during a 2 yr period, your license will be suspended for...
30 days.
6 months.
60 days.
1 yr.

49. A driver may be req'd 2 attend an interview or 2 complete a driver re-examination...
@ 9 pts.
@ 6 pts.
@ 3 pts.
@ 15 pts.

50. If U accumulate 15 demerit pts, for how long will your license be suspended?
1 Yr.
60 days.
30 days.
2 yrs.

51. U should, in all situations or weather conditions, drive @ speeds that allow U 2...
stop within 20 m.
stop within 46 m.
stop within a safe distance.
stop slowly.

52. Never attempt 2 make a lane change until U have checked 2 make sure U have...
your headlights turned on.
your emergency flashers on.
our tires inflated properly.
safe clearence 2 the side, ahead & behind& use the proper signal.

53. Never park your vehicle within...
5 m from a fire hydrant.
4 m from a public entrance.
2 m from an intersection.
3 m from fire hydrants, 6 m from public entrances, 9 m from intersections or 15 m if it is controlled by traffic lights.

54. If U park in disabled designated parking spaces, U will be fined up2...

55. Wot should U do when U R driving in foggy weather?
Drive as usual.
Drive fast 2 get out of the fog.
Just put your emergency flashers on.
Adjust your vehicle's speed 2 the road conditions, do not pass & be patient, use your headlights on low beams.

56. Most skids R caused by driver's failure 2...
drive fast enuff.
use the right traffic signal.
adjust vehicle's speed 2 road conditions.
use the right shift.

57. Wot should U do if U have trouble on the freeway?
Stop right away & put on your headlights.
Stop & open your trunk to warn other drivers.
Open your hood 2 warn other drivers.
Pull over 2 the nearest shoulder, put your emergency flashers on, never stop your car on travelled portions of freeway.

58. Except when U intend 2 pass another vehicle or make a left turn u should...
drive in the left lane.
always keep well 2 the left of the road.
not obey any traffic laws.
always keep well 2 the right of the road.

59. All vehicles must be insured for a min 3rd party liability of...

60. If the owner of the motor vehicle does not have the insurance or shows false docs, he/she can be fined up2...

61. When U R driving your own vehicle or someone else's, U must carry the insurance liability card. If U do not have it when U asked by the cop U can be fined up2...

62. New buyers buyers cannot place their plateson their new vehicles unless they have...
a brand new license plate.
a clean driving record.
a safety std issued within the last 2 months.
valid insurance, license plate permit & sticker, safety std issued within the last 36 days.

63. When pedestrians r crossing @ a specially marked pedestrian crossing, U must...
honk your horn & pass.
yeild the right-of-way 2 them.
put your lights on & pass.
pass with caution.

64. If your wheels go off the road, wot is the best way 2 get back on the road?
Steer hard 2 the left.
Apply the brake hard 2 slow down.
Do not panic, take your foot off the gas pedal 2 slow down when the vehicle is under ctrl steer back on 2 the road.
just steer back 2 the left.

65. it is unlawful 2 follow a responding fire dept vehicle within...
150 m.
200 m.
100 m.
300 m.

66. Wot is the driver intending to do if his arm is out the windows, leaning downwards?
2 make a right turn.
2 make a left turn.
Slowing down or stopping.
2 warn other drivers of a collision ahead.

67. What should you do when you hear the siren or C the red light mounted on a police car, fire truck or ambulance?
Ignore them and keep driving.
Increase your speed to get out of the way.
Honk to warn the other drivers to stop.
U must get out of the way, clear the intesection & stop as close as possible to the nearest side of the road.

68. Wot is the driver going to do if his left tail light is on?
2 stop or slow down.
2 back up.
2 make a left turn.
2 make a right.

69. Never overtake & pass another vehicle unless...
in an emergency situation.
your car is in good condition.
U R driving fast enuff.
U know U can do so, it is safe 2 do so & U use all the proper signals.

70. If the driver has his arm out the window bent upwards, he is going 2...
make a right turn.
make a left turn.
slow down or stop.
get out of the car.

71. According 2 the Highway traffic Act, drivers may be prohibited from entering an intersection on a green signal unless...
their headlights R on.
they r reasonably sure they can clear the intersection B4 the signal turns red.
they honk their horn.
they R making a turn.

72. The law requires thatU notify the Ministry of Trans. of a change in your name, address or ownership within...
6 days.
1 month.
6 months.
@ your convenience.

73. Wot can a driver do 2 protect the environment?
It is not the driver's responsibility.
Nothing (just drive on the highway).
Change the oil regularly.
Keep the car well tuned, drive only if neccesary, walk 2 the corner store, do not the engine when the car is parked.

74. It is illegal 2 make a U turn...
on any road in daylight.
in built-up areas or in cities.
near railway crossings, hilltops, bridges, tunnels, unless U can C 150 m in both dirs.
on the road @ night.

75. When leaving a freeway, U should...
signal & change your lane quickly.
signal & move into the slowing lane then reduce your speed gradually 2 the speed shown for the exit ramp.
leave the highway quickly.
exit the highway fast & sharp.

76. Your license will be suspended if U R convicted of...
driving without headlights.
driving without insurance.
failing or refusing 2 provide a breath sample, causing bodily harm or death by criminal negligent, dangerous driving, failing 2 remain @ scene of a collision 2 escape liability.
driving with a broken windshield.

77. Never open the door of your parked vehicle without...
turning off your engine.
making sure U have your car keys.
making sure have locked all the other doors.
making sure that U will not intefere with traffic or endanger any other person.

78. If your blood alcahol level is above the legal limit, your license will besuspended...
for 90 days on the spot.
for 30 days on the spot.
for 20 days on the spot.
for 60 days on the spot.

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