Navigational help

If you came to this page intentionally then I'd hate to try giving you directions ;-) I designed this site to be as user friendly as humanly possible and then some.

If you see a house on the top left corner of a page (this page has one), you can click it to be magically transported back to the home page. The home page has a 'springboard' feature that allows anyone using a browser that's not prehistoric (at least Navigator 2 or IE 3) to instantly jump to almost any section of this site, except the actual content pages. The main sections have big blue boxes with white lettering in them. And don't worry, the screen won't blow up in your face if you click on the wrong thing (unless your using IE4 on Win95, in which case anything is possible).

If you continue to experience difficulties, maybe you should try something easier than surfing the Web, like sleeping.