Who am I? What am I doing? Which planet am I really from?

My name is Antonio D'souza & I'm 19. For easy reference, I have done little write-ups on the various windows into my personality and posted them here. Some of these things are instantly obvious when you meet me & others you would have to know me very well to be aware of. However, since I have written this page myself, it is probably the best guide to understanding why I am the way I am. So read ye on...

The maverick

I'm addicted to endorphins, those chemicals that the brain releases when you laugh and which make you feel good. This leads me to go thru a lot of trouble to stay constantly amused, usually with a pleasant by-product for onlookers. Combined with my inherent exhibitionist tendencies (I'm also addicted to being the center of attention) this has served to turn me into one hell of a maverick.

The computer geek

I am the biggest computer geek I know - and that's saying a lot. This makes even more sense if you happen to catch me with glasses instead of contacts, wearing a Dilbert T-shirt and tapping away on my PalmPilot. I was exposed to computers when I was a wee lad and that had a permenant effect on moi. So, naturally, I take to the Net like a duck to water. In fact, I have been known to spend upto 180 hours online in a month! For those of you that care, this is my geek code:
Version: 3.12
GCS d-- s:-- a--- C++ UL P+ L+ E W+++ N o K- w+ !O M+>++ V? PS+ PE- Y+ PGP- t+ 5-- X+ R- tv+ b++ DI++ D+ G e>++ h-- !r y-

The environmentalist

Yeah, I'm one of those tree huggers. I'm not a member of Greenpeace, although I think they have been doing a fine job. The environmental crisis grabbed my attention when I read aboot the horrible things that were going on in the province I live in. Since then I have been keeping track of the growing number of incidents which expose the careless attitude that the Harris Tories have towards the environment.

The entrepreneur

I have wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was 15 and I recently did just that. My company, VR Spiderz, which I run along with my friend Elvin, takes small and medium sized businesses through the process of setting up a Website that effectively complements what they do.

The rocker

People are usually quite surprised when they find out I'm into rock. Rock is actually very fragmented now so I'll be a little more specific. My favourite genres are Punk, Metal & Alternative. I enjoy concerts, buy a lot of CDs and used to download MP3s till they became near impossible to find. Sometimes I even dress like a punk or metalhead but I've never been photographed looking like that so don't expect any pics. My all time favourite band is Our Lady Peace, in spite of the fact that I've never been to any of their shows. Bad Religion & Metallica are some more of my favourite bands and I've actually seen them live.

The social activist

I've always been a social activist at heart but that is rather oxymoronic. The only major social justice movement I've been involved in was the campaign to force Nike to stop exploiting workers in third world countries. That campaign managed to get some very heavy wheels in motion and even though Nike still has a long way to go, it has had to make some some important changes to it's manufacturing operations as a result of the relentless media stunts.

The visionary

I am a #7 according to the Enneagram test. But that doesn't tell the whole story. I've found that every time I have an idea for something that would be useful and profitable, it is inevitably brought to fruitition by someone else. Basically this means that as long as I don't run out of ideas, I could end up making some major changes to the world. One of my long term goals is to build an environmentally sound and completely self sustaining city, using all the recent technological advances. It will be something like a stationary version of the Freedom ship but open to anyone who wants to live in it.

The writer

I like writing. Satire is my favourite style, probably because it reflects my overall personality. I like satire because it lets me make a point while simultaneously amusing the reader. You can read some of the things I've written over here. I have sworn to use my abilities for good and not evil, which means that Microsoft has borne the brunt of my most recent rants.

The adventurer

As a little kid I used to run wild and reading too many books aboot dungeons, pirates and detectives only served to fuel my boundless imagination. I recall organising mock wars, dinosaur hunting expeditions, manhunts for imaginary criminals and other far fetched activities. I think TV has destroyed the imaginations of the kids I see today. It has been a long time since I tried anything of the sort I used to be famous for but perhaps one day I will do a Don Quixote.

The wannabe jock

Unlike your typical computer geek, I abhor a sedentry lifestyle. I love sports and feel right at home in the great outdoors. Unfortunately, weighing 115 Lbs doesn't come in handy for most sports so I have had to stick to things like to cycling and some snowboarding. Of course, being a maverick, I once spent an entire year trying to play rugby. Needless to say, it didn't verk out.

The logician

I consider myself a very rational, calm person who doesn't flinch when faced with situations that would put most people thru an emotional wringer. Sometimes this makes me come across as cold but anyone who sees me laughing knows I do have emotions after all. I'm just very good at controlling them - preferring to let logic dictate my actions.

There you have it - me in a nutshell :-)