I like coding. I wrote my first program when I was 7, using GW-BASIC on a ZX Spectrum, which was a British clone of the ubiquitous Commodore64. Funny how we've gone back to sticking 64 at the end of our electronic playthings (a la Nintendo). Sorry, my attention span (well, mine is more like a blip, actually) isn't getting any longer. What was I talking aboot again? [good thing I can read what I just wrote, eh] OK, back to programming now... Anyway, I wrote my first award-winning program when I was 13. One thing led to another & soon I was a fully-fledged (that's an animal metaphore, BTW) computer geek. Woo hoo! I picked up this simplistic structured language called Turing when I was 16 and soon found mnyself pushing it to its limits. Desperate for a more powerful and scalable language, I discovered C and C++ a year later. When Java burst onto the scene I tried to play with it but in the absence of anyone whose brains I could pick, I soon gave up after picking up the basics. Late in '98 I mastered Visual Basic, which is notoriously easy to learn but frustratingly difficult to do anything worthwhile with. And so I contintue my quest for the holy grail of programming: A language that is efficient, powerful & easy. So far C++ has come closest to the mark.