These are most of the OAC Accounting notes thus far this semester:

A word of caution before you go crazy - I just converted my notes (the ones I took with my trusty Palmpilot) into HTML files using Wordperfect8 or Word97, so the formatting may be a tad awry in certain places.

Chapter 1
Financial statements & the GAAP.
Chapter 5
Accounting for merchandising companies & classified financial statements.
Chapter 6
Internal control.
Chapter 7
Bank reconciliations & cash control.
Chapter 8
A/R & N/R.
Chapter 9
Inventory valuation methods.
Chapter 12
Chapter 14
Corporations: Organization & shareholder's equity.

This is the assignment on inventory valuation methods.

The Business Report on Open Text & PC DOCS that Elvin & I are working on is a work in progress.